Unblock application to TikTok in India after a week of the resolution

إلغاء حظر تطبيق TikTok في الهند بعد أسبوع من القرار

The government of India during the past week claim off application to TikTok in the country as it helps in spreading immorality among minors, which make the court of the Indian spend it and Apple parking the Prohibition of the app stores phones to prevent downloading again.

But the problem was that TikTok was to prevent loaded on the new phones, while users who got the app in their phones, they continued using it being pre-installed, which did not constitute a significant impact when the ban on the number of users, but despite this the company said the developer for the ByteDance that this ban contributes to its loss in the$ 500,000 daily.

According to a statement the Company developer, they will improve the work environment and may increase control over the content published in the largest to avoid the occurrence of minors in any problems, this is why it seems makes some sense to cancel the ban.

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