Unannounced flagship Snapdragon chip 8150 set an absolute record in AnTuTu

The task of the benchmark tests is to show the potential of the new devices. For example, at the end of October passed the test OnePlus 6T, which scored 298 thousand points in AnTuTu. 128 thousand of them fell on GPU 94 thousand scored CPU, 64 thousand became the merit of the UX, and the last 10 were given a memory test. Numbers needed to advance the results of all smartphones from the September top. They do look impressive, but pales in comparison to the new record. It mounted the unannounced Snapdragon 8150.

Snapdragon 8150 will be the successor to the current flagship Snapdragon 845. Despite the expectations of the tech lovers, it is not 855. The release of a new generation of chips is scheduled for the end of this year.

And although the official presentation is still a few weeks, the model has already shown its power. Snapdragon 8150 was the first chip that reached 360 thousand points in the benchmark AnTuTu. Its precise result — 362 292 points. That’s more than any other smartphone running the Android operating system, reports GizmoChina.

156 thousand points earned test GPU, CPU received 122 thousand points, and almost 74 thousand occurred in the UX. Up to 10 thousand stopped short memory test.

It’s funny that the results of the first three tests ahead of the numbers 99% of other devices. The memory test had an average score. She beat 54 percent of rivals.

It is important to remember that some producers cheat at benchmarks. Smartphones Huawei and Oppo learn popular test and remove restrictions on the operation of the processor. As a result, users see the inflated numbers and not the reality of the situation. While manufacturers don’t hide this principle, which their smartphones periodically removed from the tops of similar applications.

It seems that the novelty from Qualcomm will be powerful. What chip is in your smartphone? Share answers in a Telegram chat AndroidInsider.

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