Ukrainian police detained the four creators of the “national cryptocurrencies” eUAH

At the beginning of the year, the group Scam four months collecting fake taxes capturadora. In total, the attackers managed to steal at least 50 thousand dollars in Bitcoins. Now the Ukrainian police have opened a criminal group, which announced the release of a national cryptocurrency eUAH and offered the investors to “invest in Ukraine”. About it writes

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As stated on the website eUAH, the Issuer of the coins is the Central Bank of the country with the support of the State Agency for e-governance and the Ministry of justice. Fraudsters have promised to release for free circulation of the token 10 percent of the 50 million planned in the fourth quarter and at the same time to open the bidding with a coin.

In a whitepaper of the proposal States that by 2019, the national cryptocurrency will become a full-fledged means of payment, it will account for 15 percent of all operations in the country.

Representatives of the Central Bank and the Ministry of justice in conversation with the newspaper said that have nothing to do with the coin, and the site of the project called fake. Ukrainian police have found six sites that were asked to buy coins. Among them domains,,, and

Security forces detained the creators of eUAH — they were four young men aged 20 to 26 years. Their names and possible punishment were not disclosed.

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