Udacity launches training program needs work free Arabic, in collaboration with the calculator

Udacity تطلق برنامج تدريبي لاحتراف العمل الحر عربيًا بالتعاون مع حسوب

Announced platform Udacity educational cooperation with calculator skills, Google announced the launch of its training programme needs to work for free in the Arab region, Digital Freelancer Nanodegree program. So that the program will begin in the next few weeks.

Includes a free labor market steady growth, which helps in creating employment opportunities for millions of people is easier than previous, also provides the flexibility for companies to bring in new staff commensurate with the business need and duration of

According to the report of the World Economic Forum about the future of jobs and skills in Middle East and North Africa, self-employment can provide 945, 000 to the function of additional online full-time add to the increase of $ 21 billion in GDP in Egypt و799, the 000 function, 41$ million in Turkey, 276, 000 and job 32,$ million additional in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The collaboration between Udacity and the calculator being behind the largest platform for entrepreneurship in the Arab world; an independent platform for self-employment and the location of the fives. As a result, it has been cooperation in the preparation and construction areas of the state educational in addition to provide special privileges to graduates of the training program, obtaining a Digital Freelancer Nanodegree include discrimination first their services on the site of the fives services the Mini, along with a special badge of graduates of the program on an independent platform for free to help them in promoting their important files of personal attracting many customers and project owners to employ them.

Commenting on this cooperation, said Kareem Salama director of marketing for the Middle East in Udacity’s “proud of the partnership with the calculator, the company that stands behind the biggest platform for entrepreneurship in the Arab world, not only in collaboration in the preparation and construction of the house training, but also those privileges to be provided by graduates of the training program, which enhance their opportunities in the employment by customers and business owners in platforms calculator for free”.

In across the selected soldier marketing manager, calculator, about the partnership, saying, “today, the opportunities offered by self-employment via the internet is greater than ever before, so look through our collaboration with Udacity the leading brand in online education to help more young people in the Arab world to acquire the skills and abilities digital for the acquisition of these opportunities in the labour market and develop their careers and improve the level of income”.

Recall, that the state’s new educational needs work across the internet Digital Freelancer Nanodegree only require a basic knowledge of using a computer and via Google, where the state provides basic skills and tools needed to take advantage of the expertise of trainees in professional work free successfully online, and through video lessons video and practical examples, and the duration of the program or the state educational months one just.

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