Uber will pay $ 20 million to settle the issues of the contracts of the drivers lingering for years

أوبر ستدفع 20 مليون دولار لتسوية قضايا عقود السائقين العالقة منذ سنوات

Broke out many of the differences over the past six years between the transport company and recommendation of the global Uber their drivers to file lawsuits against the company related to the mechanism of adoption drivers as official in with the right privileges like their colleagues; but the company refused and insisted that they are not they are formal employees, but independent contractors on the contract clause, to show that the police are on their way today to solve this problem pay compensation for drivers in the amount of up to $ 20 million, but without their belief as also.

It is reported that the number of drivers of the claimants of their rights in the case of the first and original is 385.000 driver spread over the states of California mass was Uber claim to pay 100 million dollars then, but she asked the appeal committee for the resolution of the dispute with the drivers, to the current registration 13600 driver just of all the two share an individual greatest due to the fact that the number is less in proportion to the value of the registry.

It should be noted here that the Uber resort of Galle to solve this problem lingering for years due to being on the cusp of the shares in the stock market during the next few; where the settlement so disputes prior to the date of the public offering as a gain in order to maintain the value of the strong market which is now offering $ 120 million.

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