Uber will deliver food with drones

The company Uber, becoming one of the leaders in passenger transportation in the world, does not stop there. Recently commissioned Uber Eats immediately gained popularity and forced the competitors to work in the same direction. “Finished” earthly “problems,” Uber wants to become a pioneer in the field of the flying taxi, and after a taxi to the air travel and delivery system of food, and in this case you will use special drones.

“Air Uber Eats” will be used as landing platforms, helipads, and rooftops, and testing of the technology will be to deliver pizza and burgers. In addition, the drones will be used the same algorithms as for future flying taxi in order to develop a common “air traffic regulations”. Moreover, the delivery of food using drones could be a kind of trial run of the technology before you run air taxis. Also, the project will be created and the required infrastructure, which in addition to the runways will include station refueling (and recharging), the development of associated applications, behavior in flight, and so on. The main objective of the project at this stage to find out performance ideas and eliminate the shortcomings. The project looks very logical: “test flying food”, then proceed to conquer the market of air taxi service using the Uber Air.

It is worth noting that Uber in this case is not unique, since already in the USA and Iceland passed similar tests, but they were all focused only on the delivery market. Uber plans are much more ambitious. However, many experts believe that delivery using drones will not only be faster but also much cheaper. The timing of the first test are not reported.

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