Uber wants to use smartphones to identify drunken passengers and drivers

Every year on the roads killing thousands of people. If you try to assess the situation, it turns out that in most cases accidents happen because of stupidity, stupidity or arrogance.

People seriously violate the rules of the road for a long time distracted by gadgets or communicating with a passenger, and some manage over the wheel paint or even knit!

And accidents often happen due to drunk drivers. And to solve this problem is extremely difficult. As practice shows, not always big fines to scare those who love to drink and get behind the wheel. In our countries, given the total corruption on the roads, it is a very big problem.

And I think until you create non-invasive sensors to determine the level of alcohol in the blood, which can be integrated into the start button of the car, the situation will not solve. But there are alternative designs.

The Network got the patent Uber, which describes technology that can determine a person by how he uses the smartphone.

The bottom line is this. System based on artificial intelligence constantly monitors how you are using your mobile device. Monitors it is not your favorite programs and not how much you watched utumcc, and more important characteristics. In particular, the speed and typing accuracy, speed and control interface, the angles of inclination of the apparatus in different conditions, and so on. And based on statistics and data obtained, the AI may determine that you are tipsy. Because when you are drunk, you are not as well and typing quickly and managed with a smartphone interface. Otherwise you hold the phone, your hands are weaker, and the control of movements worse. All this AI understands and sees the difference with regular use.

Uber, if I understand correctly, is working on this technology in order to determine the status of the passengers. But in my opinion this development is interesting in the context of determining the condition of the driver. Yes, without legislative rules is useless since there is no difference and determine what sort of system or not, if there are no consequences.

But in the not very distant future, some countries may use some solutions based on such technologies in order to prevent a situation when a drunk person gets behind the wheel.

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