Uber used to develop the electric bicycle self-driving

I started Uber in taking the first steps to develop bikes, electric-driving, where the company announced the formation of a team of engineers, specialists in the development of this technique.


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After a lot of statements and rumors that kicked off about plans for Uber the next development of electric bicycles with a driving, police confirmed today officially the start of the appointment of a team of specialists to develop the scooter, bicycles, electric self-driving during the upcoming period.

And the electric bikes feature access to the users in parts of the city, or to charging stations, with the aim of service provided by Uber to connect bicycle and Scooter electric users in any place, and then the user can leave the electric bike in any position.

Also when you exit this cycling of the service, it is expected that the company is working on a collection of bikes and Scooter electric and then shipped or do repairs when needed, so the technology works the new company Uber to lower operating expenses, so you won’t need the advantage of cycling with driving to the contractors.

It is expected that the technology supports autonomous driving in the scooter and electric scooters new feature development in the city and access to charging stations and users, so you don’t need the police to a private contractor to collect the bikes.

Also in the comments, Uber has confirmed that it is working on the development of technology electric bicycles with a driving that achieves the standards of security and safety to the users.


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