Uber unveils new generation of studies Jump electric

Detecting a sign Jump for Uber for the latest version of the bicycle electric, scheduled to be launched in January of 2019.

Uber- new- Jump e-bikes

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Come bike Jump category of e-bikes new in January of 2019, with lithium battery interchangeable to experience charging more strain, as characterized by the design for better view of the phone screen, access the phone storage on the bike to make it easy to access, and to lock the bike in the ass.

The new design of the bike also supports the control more flexible, you won’t need to of continuing reforms, with the aim of Uber is to correct studies Jump electric in other regions around the world.

And the battery is interchangeable more representative of the importance in the new version of the bicycle Jump, and also supports user up to 20 miles per hour, and then can use bike on put bike traditional at the end of charging, also supports the toggle mode the battery pull the data quickly from the electric bike.

Has confirmed to Foley that the bike is integrated with the system closed, with the battery system, and a user interface to support the user pay a quick information on the cloud service your company, also supports phone holder on bike view maps and guidance development is fast, also comes a cable lock for the bike meter next to the rear frame of the bike.

Uber- new -Jump e-bikes

It is expected to apply this version the pricing is high, but Foley emphasized that the spread of this category of bicycles will reduce the cost in the next versions.


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