Uber to reveal more of the safety features for the passengers


The company announced the Uber recently announced the launch of some new features to enhance the safety of passengers. Every day, millions depend on Uber to move from one place to another, so it makes sense to launch more of the features of the safe for these passengers. Revealed the CEO of Uber, Mr. Dara Khosrowshahi for a quick overview of the improvements that are scheduled to launch in the United States of America in the summer of this year in the publication on the official blog of the company.

Updated the Uber app with safety in mind, and put all the features of safety-related in one place so that it can be accessed directly from the main screen during the flight. It will be also easy for users to find current features like Share My Trip.

Will passengers soon on the safety center Safety Center in the app, a place where it will provide more information about safety, like the tips that have been developed in partnership with law enforcement, and operations of the scan Driver, the guidance community, and insurance.

Allow others contacts Trusted Contacts to passengers to appoint up to five friends and family members as points of contact reliable will be from the passenger view the flight details with them during each trip. Will be offered participation as a separate option for those who don’t want to share all their daily travels too.

Will the Uber app soon to an emergency button new also which will connect passengers directly with the emergency services. Will this feature also their position in the current time both in the app on the map or as an element that can be shared easily with emergency services. Will soon launch this feature for the drivers also.

Include additional changes that focus on safety to improve the Processor driving test, and background check annual, notices of crime the new to further improve the examination standards.



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