Uber to lower their expectations about the value of the IPO, soon

Detect a file organized by “Uber” that it plans to roll out its IPO is now worth less than what was hoped for working in the company by about a third, i.e., between 80.5 million and $ 91.5 million dollars.

Comes ratings – set in the file organization on Friday – less than the $ 120 million that he said the bankers investment bankers to AWeber last year she will get, and closer to the ratings of $ 76 million achieved by the company in the round to raise private funding in 2018.

Analysts believe that the low valuation reflects the poor performance of the shares of the company’s competition for AWeber in the United States – Lyft – after the initial public offering. Lost shares ended the “Do” trading Friday, a decline of 20.5% from the IPO price, amid doubts from investors on how the company to profitability.

The company “do” have completed the initial public offering value of $ 24.3 million, which is equivalent to about 11 times its revenue in 2018. In comparison, the maximum aim evaluation our approximately eight times the revenues achieved in the past year.

Analysts believe that the recent cuts in prices for both Uber and Lev may be an indication of the hesitation of investors in investing in business models to capital-intensive and highly profitable, then it’s untested at this late stage of the economic cycle.

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In the executable file, select the Uber range price target ranges between 44 to $ 50 per share for the IPO. Will be the company’s 180 million shares in the initial offering to raise up to $ 9 billion, with the sale of 27 million shares to other existing investors compared to $ 1.35 million.

The Reuters had forecast earlier in the month of April that the total value of shares of AWeber sold in the IPO of about $ 10 billion.

It is expected to make the IPO Uber IPO on the IT the largest in the United States since the introduction of the Company “Ali Baba” Chinese shares in 2014. Comes update the file executive to subscribe for at the time began to AWeber tour to attract investors to it.

Expects Uber to determine the price of the initial public offering on 9 May next to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange on the day following, as reported Reuters, about the sources of the description of its parts.

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