Uber: the taxi but the driver hit the streets mid-next year



Stated the CEO of aweber Dara Khosrowshahi that the company is working on a project for self-driving taxis to connect the passenger is expected to enter service the middle of next year.

He explained that with the availability of self-driving cars today in the streets and public areas, it is considered within 18 months can put a taxi cab real and not for the actual service.

This does not mean that all uber cars will be self driving, but some people can order a taxi-driving get to where they are located and in the case of their ability to deal with such cars.

This latter term means that several factors play a role in determining if aweber will send a chauffeured car or self-driving, such as provide information, road maps, and minutes, weather condition, condition of roads, technical and other.

And aweber to raise the proportion of self-driving taxis even in difficult conditions over the coming years until the user reaches the case, he can choose do you want a car with a driver or self driving when the service is called aweber.

And need aweber a legal battle with large company Waymo subsidiary of the and continue for Google, as it rotates accusations about the theft of trade secrets and Waymo to get a payout of about $ 2.6 million.


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