Uber reduced its forecast for its market value to 80-90 million

Modified the AWeber terms of the public offering in its shares, which made their market value is less clear chances from the previous forecast, the company a market value ranging from 80.5 – 91.5 million.

Select the AWeber range was reported by a value ranging between 44-50 $ is what makes the value of its average at $ 83 million, a valuation closer to that of last year after another round of funding at $ 76 million, compared to evaluation most optimistic newness at $ 120 million.

This decline in the ratings market is expected following the disappointing performance was reported by Lyft as the decline in its share by about 20% from the trading price on the first day as a result of the criticism of the pessimism of investors about the direction of the company to profitability.

And Lyft have gotten the market value surpasses $ 24 million which is 11 times its revenue in 2018, compared to the Uber is targeting a market value of up a maximum of 8 times its revenue in 2018.

Targeted at Uber is selling 180 million shares to raise $ 9 million added to 77 million shares sold currently investors through rounds of private financing totaling $ 1.35 million.

Is considered put shares Uber’s IPO the largest IPO technology company in the United States after the acquisition by Alibaba five years ago.

Expected to start trading officially on the shares AWeber on May 10 next.

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