Uber launches service (Uber Bus) Bus, small price in Egypt

أوبر تطلق خدمة النقل بالحافلات الصغيرة في مصر

The company launched the Uber service by public transport via bus, small (Uber Bus) in the Republic of Egypt officially yesterday, Wednesday, after a period of trade lasted for nearly three months to ensure the safety and the efficacy of the new option for the company in expanding their services; which comes such as offering shares to the public as announced earlier. As well as after subtracting appropriate by cream service the beginning of the current month.

And through the house Sarah manager of Uber CEO expressed his happiness to launch delivery service bus in Egypt being will improve transport popular to millions of designers and affordable using the application and operations of the company, will service the system reduces the cost to the client when requested by the service where gonna Uber to find passengers other for the same destination to become a price significantly less than usual and for the passenger a cash payment or using the IQ via the app, the service is available in nasr city engineers, hills and city centers.

And on the other side launched Uber service Uber X service delivery وUber Select the type of car where you know their company at affordable prices as well as service Uber Scooter, as set forth in the company they are in the process of launching a light version of their application Lite in the Middle East the beginning of next year to cover the areas with weak signal and suitable for Landed of the old version.

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