Uber launches service scUber first of its kind to watch the subs

أوبر تطلق خدمة scUber الأولى من نوعها لمشاركة الغواصات

The company announced the Uber-specialized in problems of Transportation about the new service join the list of its own services with cars, bikes, and food, this time not on land but in the water through the service scUber recommendation submarines small.

Launched AWeber this service in Australia as a means of transport and recreation in the Great Barrier Reef on the Australian coast which is the largest reef in the world and enjoy the presence of more than 350 species of coral, in addition to many of the sea creatures amazing.

According to the company, they will give 25 winners an opportunity to experiment through the test application and get a trip in the depths of the Great Barrier Reef of the site.

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