Uber is planning to develop the scooter, bicycles electric self-driving

أوبر تخطط لتطوير سكوتر ودراجات هوائية كهربائية ذاتية القيادة

Started AWeber the appointment of a new team of Engineers to carry out new tasks centered on the development of scooter, bicycles self-driving fully operate on electricity, to contribute to the development of the movement of the carriage and the participation of vehicles in the cities and between the points of communication between the stations and positions, etc.

It is considered a new team of engineers specialized in the development of vehicle technologies is very small, where he developed techniques to Sensor Systems and command help in the self-driving of such type according to the Telegraph the British, but the press didn’t talk about too much detail on the subject.

Was AWeber has returned to work on the development of a project drive vehicles, but it will be expanded more than expected, according to the news.

On the other hand, the company refused to comment on any of the news spread after the transfer of the Telegraph, said that any future project work the company will need time until it appears to work, so it is early to talk about anything.

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