Uber is considering the acquisition on the platform of the bicycle Motivate


Yesterday we told you that there were reports saying that Uber is planning to enter into market rental bikes, but it seems that this is not all the company plans. According to a new report released recently from the site of Axios, it appears that Uber is also interested in access to the market, rental bicycles, and can require to make an offer to acquire the company Motivate, a company that stands behind companies like CitiBike and Ford’s GoBike.

Interesting is that it appears that both Uber and Lyft are going in the same way. There were rumors stating that the company Lyft plans to enter the rental market of motorcycles, according to a report released earlier this month, has been a Lyft also close a deal with the Motivate to acquire the company for US $ 250 million or more.

It is not clear how much money the company plans to Uber to offer to buy Motivate, but supposed to be large enough to allow the latter to think in the move to negotiate with the Uber instead of Lyft. However, the process of acquisition of these make sense to buy Uber, which has recently acquired the Jump, a company currently possess a statement exclusively to oversee a system of bike sharing without the facilities in the city of San Francisco.

Company refused to Uber to comment on the report of the Axios, so we have to wait just to see how it turns out, things.


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