Uber is back in London after obtaining a draft license for 15 months

أوبر تعود للعمل في لندن بعد حصولها على ترخيص مشروط لمدة 15 شهراً

After about half a year of pulling the permit uber from working in the city of London, the British Police returned to get a temporary license for a period of 15 months after the approval of their representatives before the Tribunal the charges against the company about the safety of the customers and win their leave to appeal decision on suspension.

And the city of London of the most populated and most used telecommunication services in aweber and similar, where there are about 3.6 million to develop the company and more than 45 thousand drivers working in the British capital.

The company will be to work in the city after the recognition of the charges about the safety of customers, so they’ll get a draft license for the resumption of work for 15 months to comply with the conditions set by the Court of Westminster to make changes to the company’s application, including the requirement that all drivers on the license from the Ministry of transportation in the city, and deliver periodic reports to buy London, about the various incidents that you get with the drivers.

He was the mayor of London Sadiq Khan has written on his Twitter account about the return of the company to work, but he emphasized that the return will be undergoing the specific terms, where it confirmed the safety of the citizens in the first place, whatever the size of the enterprise.

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