Uber is available in Saudi Arabia and Dammam

خدمة أوبر إيتس تتوسع في السعودية وتصل الدمام

Announced Uber announced the launch of its service to deliver the food, AWeber is, in the third city of Saudi Arabia with its blood, after that had already been launched in the cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and recently, this step comes in the framework of the company’s strategy to expand its service in the UK to be available to the largest number of beneficiaries.

Service was Uber it has been a success since its launch in Riyadh, Jeddah, as the company says, which is what made them want to expand the work to other cities.

On the occasion of this launch, the Uber it will be available to customers in Dammam to obtain a 50% discount on First Order by code DAMMAMEATS, as it would reduce the delivery charge for orders to the SAR and only one during the launch period. Will be a food ordering service available to more than 120 restaurants in the city including “Bombay Ryan” and”the settlement of Urban Kitchen” and”McDonald’s”, it would be possible to demand from 10:00 until 12:00 midnight to requests within 30 minutes.

Commenting on the launch, said Damien Draper, general manager of Uber is in the GCC: “the eating habits in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, many changes and continuing trends and new day after day, where consumers have become interested in more diverse options of international cuisine and are looking to connect their meals quickly, easily and fully to their homes. Today, a growing dependency of people on modern technology and smart applications for many such as in the cities, tolerance, and even mapping services, and thus meet the service AWeber is the needs of Saudi consumers and their experience in ordering meals of foreign affairs at a time when technology is an integral part of different areas of their lives”.

“Saudi Arabia is an important market to develop AWeber is, so we are very pleased to launch the app in the Second City, respectively, in the kingdom within a year. Services are based Uber is on the same modern technology that brought about a change in the transport sector globally and today is the changed lifestyle of people and way of eating and selection of food in all over the world. And boils to the more than 350 cities around the world where Uber is to meet the needs of consumers and deliver their meals to their homes through the experience of reliable and easy via the app”.

It is worth mentioning that the service will appear in the first regions Al, Ibn Khaldun, the desert, the SAA, and, blessed to ensure the quality of service as the company says, and then will spread to the rest of the districts of the city.

Can all metals benefit from the service entry to the main site, or through downloading the app for Android phones or iOS device and enjoy the application with ease.

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