UAE ranks first regionally in adopting Corporate Solutions to artificial intelligence

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الإمارات الأولى إقليمياً في تبني الشركات لحلول الذكاء الاصطناعي

The report issued by the Dubai technology entrepreneurship center business Dita Dtec, of the authority of Dubai Silicon Oasis DSOA, which was prepared by the in cooperation with the curtain er de startAD platform innovation and entrepreneurship speeding the growth of startups in the New York University Abu Dhabi with the support of the company to enable Tamkeen and ArabNet ArabNet, believe the state of the UAE first regionally in terms of adopting the solutions of artificial intelligence in companies and institutions, an annual growth rate of 33.5%.

The report , which was the announcement of the outcomes of the day in the middle of the DIT – Dtec for emerging companies in technology, in the Dubai technology entrepreneurship center business Oasis, Dubai Silicon, the different levels of institutions to adopt solutions for artificial intelligence in the region and the world.

The report also describes strategies and mechanisms for the application of solutions of artificial intelligence at the institutional level, besides highlighting the internal and external stimuli that encourage firms to adopt those solutions.

The report forecast enterprise “PricewaterhouseCoopers” PwC in its report to 2017 increase the contribution of artificial intelligence in the global economy to 15.7 trillion dollars by 2030.

The report also provides forecast by “Price Waterhouse Cooper” the year of the contribution adopted by the companies and institutions in the UAE of artificial intelligence is estimated at $ 96 billion in GDP by 2030 (equivalent to 13.6%).

While the report is a contribution to the adoption of artificial intelligence by 45% of the total gains of the global economy by 2030, came from the United Arab Emirates in the ranks in terms of growth average annual contribution of artificial intelligence in the economy increased by 33.5% followed by Saudi Arabia increased by 31.3% and then the rest of the GCC at the rate of 28.8%, followed by Egypt increased by 25.5%.

The report presents the use of multiple startups in the sector of artificial intelligence to provide solutions for companies and institutions, including the application of operational processes, automation of processes Robotic, Re-engineering business processes, and of the book series “block Qi”, the analysis of big data for marketing, customer care and data management, as well as harnessing the science of programming the nervous system in the search for human talent.

Commenting on the results, said Shahla Abdul Razak Shahla Abdul Razak, Deputy CEO at DSOA, said: “the results of the report, which put the UAE ranked first regionally in terms of adoption of corporate applications of artificial intelligence, the expected success of the state in various sectors of life and in the promotion strategy of the Emirates for artificial intelligence presented the Omar Bin Sultan scientists, Minister of State for artificial intelligence, recently to the latest developments implemented in the annual meetings of the UAE government held the end of last November.”

She added: “the centre is keen Dietz from his position of incubator projects emerging in the field of technology in the heart of Dubai Silicon Oasis, to cooperate with research institutions such as “start a-D” to develop accurate reports analyze data and enable entrepreneurship in the technology field in Dubai and the UAE, are excluded from the regulatory frameworks flexible and comprehensive strategies developed by the leadership of the state to identify entrepreneurs and startups and SMEs, and attracting local and foreign direct investment to finance innovative ideas in new sectors such as artificial intelligence and applications smart cities”.

And in turn drew Ramesh Rajasthan Ramesh Jagannathan, vice dean of New York University Abu Dhabi for entrepreneurship and innovation, the assistant dean of the engineering department, the Director-General of the organization of the “start ADC”, that: “artificial intelligence change today the production capacities of the state and affects the total output of the world, and states adopt and apply policies of artificial intelligence in different sectors to take advantage of its results in the future.”

He added: “the government of the UAE to achieve the lead in several indicators at the level of the region and the world in the introduction to their indicators of competitiveness and innovation and ease of doing business thanks to advanced artificial intelligence that paves the way for the completion of various elements of smart government, and opening the possibility of artificial intelligence and its applications to provide 50% of the annual costs of government services, and the replacement of 250 million transactions paper, the abbreviation a million miles of development to accomplish governmental transactions”.

For his part, said Omar Christidis Omar Christidis, founder and CEO of ArabNet: “the artificial intelligence of the amendment and restructuring of all economic sectors – ranging from the pricing of risks and interest in the finance sector, to diagnose diseases in the health care sector. In general, the artificial intelligence that supports automation systems, customization and improve the customer experience – organizations that execute effectively will be able to gain a competitive advantage over their peers and to determine the impact on their profits”.

The report classified the three factors that determine the adoption of company Solutions Artificial Intelligence A artificial intelligence to enhance operations, and artificial intelligence to enhance customer service, and artificial intelligence to support growth strategies applied by the institution.

In identified key factors that impact positively or negatively on the process adopted by the companies and institutions for applications of artificial intelligence such as the analysis of costs versus benefits, determine the major trends governing these strategies, the allocation of an appropriate budget for the strategic development of artificial intelligence.

Monitoring report instead highlighted the risks of companies and institutions in relation to artificial intelligence, and in its introduction the risk of breach of security, and information and data, the threat to privacy, and the replacement of jobs, lack of the required knowledge for providers, and the absence of regulatory frameworks in many states, calling companies specialized in solutions of artificial intelligence to the development of these fears and show them.

The report defines three types of artificial intelligence are:

1-) artificial intelligence specialist: are the applications currently in programs and applications such as Plugin default such as “Siri” and”Alexa”, customer service, electronic commerce, and the expectations of the purchase options, intelligent vehicles and self-driving, the monitoring of combustion processes automatically.

2-) advanced artificial intelligence: who hasn’t spoken until now, and seeks to enable the machine to take decisions even without the presence of training or instruction or pre-programmed.

3-a) Artificial Intelligence Super: expected to outperform the intelligence of the human brain, which is also still an idea in the minds of scientists and researchers.

The report analysed the strategies of artificial intelligence to a number of institutions and companies in vital sectors such as telecommunications, financial services, automotive industry, food.

And carried out the methodology adopted by the report for its findings and recommendations between the analysis of the experiences of institutions and partners in the field of artificial intelligence according to the internal and external factors, in addition to the methodology of qualitative research and a personal interview in-depth with executives in the Departments of vital in-depth artificial intelligence in those companies.

The gate Arab News Technical UAE ranks first regionally in adopting Corporate Solutions to artificial intelligence

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