U.S. Department of defense automatiseret air battles with artificial intelligence

During the melee in the air, the fighter pilots have to make quick decisions in the face of rapidly changing accelerations. According to researchers from the Department of promising projects DARPA is owned by the U.S. Department of defense, this problem can be solved with the help of artificial intelligence. In this regard, the Ministry has announced a competition for the development of a system of melee, which can take control of the aircraft and provide pilots with the opportunity to take more large-scale tactical decisions.

The program was named Air Combat Evolution (ACE), and she has special requirements. So, develop artificial intelligence to combat air needs to be train just like real students. Thus, the first thing the military will teach him the simplest maneuvers, and then proceed to the introduction of aerobatics. First, the system will be tested entirely within a computer simulation, and only after successful completion will be embedded in unmanned aerial vehicles.

Ultimately, DARPA hopes to have a system that will be able to fly even with no pilots on Board. Thus, it will be able to cover the manned fighters, thus saving the lives of real pilots. Proposals for the development of artificial intelligence will be reviewed very soon — may 17, 2019.

It is noteworthy that capable to cover these pilots fighter jets already exist. In March it became known that the U.S. air force and the company Kratos successfully tested jointly created drone “Valkyrie XQ58-A”. To learn more about this battle and watch the video in our material.

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