Typical China: the principal was fired for illegal mining

The BBC reported the dismissal of the Director of the Chinese middle schools in Hunan province. Lei Hua in the period from 2017 to 2018 installed in the school by eight stands for mining. This was told by the staff of the institution, which revealed a secret scheme. Hua began with the mining of Ethereum at home, but then decided to save on electricity and moved the rack in the school. The Director has received complaints of ever-growing consumption of electricity, but he argued that the excessive use of air conditioners and cookers.

At the end of last month, Lei was removed from office in school and lost the post of Secretary of branch of Communist party. The first suspicions began to arise when the school has deteriorated markedly Internet connection. In addition, school staff heard a loud incessant hum. Tired of the discomfort of the teachers searched the school building and found the cause.

Source: Bitcoinist

Deputy Director of the school Wang Zhi-Pen has also been found involved. He is suspected of purchasing and installing one mining-Riga. According to the South China Morning Post, the electricity bill for mining amounted to 2120 dollars.

The Deputy Director managed to avoid layoffs, but he received a stern warning. According to reports Bitcoinist mined cryptocurrency seized by the local Commission for discipline inspection. What will happen to the coins on, remains unclear.

The school is increasingly attracting the crypto currency miners

Access to free electricity and then tempts students and staff of educational institutions to try their hand at mining. In April, MarketWatch wrote about the first-year Western Kentucky University, who “forgot” your Bitmain Antminer in the University computer and received from him $ 30 a week. More data look at cryptodata.

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