Two screens and without the edges.. it will keep the Galaxy in the future (photos)

Doesn’t seem that Samsung is considering producing a smart phone carries a bump in the screen (note), at least this is what revealed his patented Korean company contain detailed phones Galaxy future.

Since the launch of the phone Essential PH-1 in 2017, most smart phone companies by relying on the language design itself and smart phones afford the bump in the screen (note) the front camera and other sensors. Although many users – including me – did not favour this design never, however, manufacturers of smart phones continues to launch smart phones have an extra piece in the screen.

Other companies put forward solutions more innovative and provided us leading smartphones without the bump, which is what we saw in my phone Vevo Nex and Oppo Find X.

Baraa invention of Samsung was posted recently show that the Korean giant has its perceptions of the other about the future of smart phones, where you show the fees that Samsung will minimize the side edges to a minimum with respect to the framework of narrow at the top, enough to hold front camera and speakerphone sensors.

And instead of having a layer of glass on the entire back of the phone, the Samsung may be working on the inclusion of another screen running most of the backend to the side of the camera sensor fingerprint in the top section.

These drawings may give us a glimpse of even a small about the plans for Samsung phones Galaxy the future, but he keep plans and preliminary estimates may be applied in the future or invent a new design language.

It is worth mentioning that many of the leaks talked about the intention of Samsung launch smartphone foldable at the beginning of the current year, where it is supposed to protect the phone the name of Galaxy X and put it in limited quantities for the price of up to $ 2,000

What do you think about the idea of having two screens on a smartphone?


The two screens without the edges.. it will keep the Galaxy in the future (photo) was first deployed in the are.

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