Two researchers are developing a system of artificial intelligence to predict seizures before they occur accurately 99.6%

باحثان يطوران نظام ذكاء اصناعي للتنبوء بنوبات الصرع قبل حدوثها بدقة 99.6%

We have seen many methods and tools of artificial intelligence that have been developed to serve humanity in the medical field, in the context of the completion of this process the two researchers developed a system of intelligent and promising to predict the seizures with high precision before they occur.

And the mechanism of the system that had developed by the researchers Hisham Daoud Magdy Bayoumi from University of Louisiana at America on the shit air quality conflict before the hour of their occurrence with an accuracy of up to 99.6% and more, to give it ample space and time enough for those with the disease to learn and prepare spells sudden.

Where there’s 50 million people suffer from epilepsy around the world at the moment according to statistics from the World Health Organization, to reflect this discovery or the system that is still under development leap.

Knowing that there are many other ways to predict seizures via EEG brain EEG, but the new way of doing the job through a process that depends on the exploitation techniques and machine learning algorithms working on the exact layout of the brain to air attacks at the same time keeps track of the channels and the vector of Electrical in the brain that light up during a seizure.

But you must make into consideration that this new system needs more time before it’s available for use on an enlarged scale globally, the team, the developer does not design a chip dedicated to those after. Anyway keep expertise important for patients with this disease hope by the future capable of treating seizures sudden final maybe.


IEEE Spectrum

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