Two days before its launch.. these are the specifications expected لـGalaxy S9

Use the South Korean company Samsung to reveal the phone of its associated Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 Plus, on 25 February, during an event organized in Barcelona, Spain, on the sidelines of the World Conference for mobile devices, but as it is العادةK there are a lot of expectations on the two phones we collected to you the most notable.

The screen

Expected to carry two phones two screens the same size as the screen of my phone Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8 Plus, any 5.8-inch and 6.2 inches, respectively, the edges are very small.

The camera

Expected to carry the Galaxy S9 camera one developer, while the Galaxy S9 Plus Dual Camera, with the change of development characteristics of the camera, changing the position of the fingerprint sensor from the horizontal position to the time the vertical.

Scanner face, Iris

Projections indicate the development of Samsung scanner, face, irises in the phone, with the survival of questions about the efficiency of their performance compared to the performance of the iPhone that hold the same property.

3 new features wait in the Galaxy S9

Stereo speakers

Also expected that the development of Samsung from the characteristic of video recording, including filming the video in slow motion, as well as use the stereo speakers like a Google pixel 2 and iPhone.


Of the Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9 Plus at the rate the producers are different according to the geographical scope of the research, the phones that will launch in the United States of America, processor 845 Qualcomm Snapdragon, while download phones allocated to Britain and the European Union the latest معالجاتExynos 9810.

As expected of Samsung to provide the latest version of the system by DeX, which converts the phone to the computer platform of the Android connected to the screen, keyboard and mouse.

Hacker leak photos of phone Samsung Galaxy S9 before it was released

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