Twitter’s new policy cause confusion giving up two

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Twitter’s new policy cause confusion giving up two

Twitter’s new policy cause confusion giving up two

Cause a change in the policy of the social networking site Twitter on Thursday with the aim of increasing its credibility in the loss of the top hundred users of the site for about two percent of their followers on average, according to foundation can collect data networking sites.

Said the CEO of Twitter jack Dorsey on Thursday that Twitter no longer believe any accounts were closed temporarily late due to what they buy it trying. Out closed accounts provisional accounts of the numbers of active users on a daily and monthly on Twitter.

Covers the account temporarily if you monitor Twitter for any unusual behavior like sudden activity after months of inactivity.

The impact of the new policy in fact some Twitter users because the number of followers is an essential element when negotiating celebrity and the so-called party media deals with advertisers. But for other users represents the number of followers a source of pride.

A decrease in the numbers of traffickers

According to the data of the cell with the entry into force of the changes lost your Twitter account about 12.4 percent of its follow-up compared to Wednesday which is the highest decline among the top one hundred account on the site.

Experienced account entrepreneur Elon musk, less a reduction of 0.3 percent or about 71 thousand follow-up. According to the data he has lost all account among the top 100 users on Twitter in an average of about 734 thousand follow-up. Twitter said the decline at the level of the Accounts, the entire site will be four accounts in the medium.

Lost pop singer Katy Perry is more level the Don’t follow on Twitter, more than 2.8 million followers on Thursday or the equivalent of 2.6 percent compared to the day before. Saw other artists in the top hundred users, such as between you and Mariah Carey and Britney Spears were the low number of follow-up more than three percent.

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