Twitter will start on the Prohibition of the advertising campaigns of a political nature

Starting on November 22 will be a Twitter book advertising campaigns of the political world-this according to Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter! He stated Dorsey explained that political messages must be issued for properly returned to the client.

On the other hand, stated Ned Segal Chief Financial Twitter that this decision of Twitter to cling to principles more than to hold it profitability however, Twitter in fact do not check a lot of profits from political ads, where he has achieved in the past year the amount of less than USD 3 million of this type of advertising.

Explained Dorsey also to advertising of a political nature are intertwined in their description with the rest of the types of ads it is simply that they compulsory which will naturally affect the decisions of citizens and users. Anyway, this is an excellent step from Twitter, although it will affect their profits and political attention to the Prevention of it.

Source: Android Central

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