Twitter will launch a feature to hide the responses in June

Two months ago, Twitter has confirmed it is working on the development of a new property allows the user to hide the responses that it deems does not fit with the theme of a series of tweets, today select Twitter the launch date of the feature officially in the month of June next.

Although water is currently under development, but should launch in June will be a demo means that it can change some of the details in it or cancel it depending on the reactions of the users towards it.

It is expected to raise the property a lot of controversy as it becomes the owner of the Twitter excited tweeted The Other be a response to his tweet, and thus can suppress opposing views with his views and this undermines freedom of expression on the platform.

At the same time there are pros to such property where the owner of the Twitter blocking and hiding responses that do not contribute to the enrichment of great debate and often may be advertising or annoying or sarcastic,

With the launch of a property to hide the responses, there will be the option to operate it manually, therefore anyone can view all responses even those that are hidden, this adds more transparency.

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