Twitter will apply its official Mac

تويتر ستُعيد تطبيقها الرسمي على أجهزة الماك

In February of last year, Twitter announced about withdrawal of their main application on the Mac OS, recommended users to go simply to the use of the site, after more than a year, the returns of the company for its decision to include decision to return the application on the system, this decision is yet to be revealed Apple unveiled its “Project Catalyst for macOS 10.15 Catalina”

She pointed tweets about the advent of the app this fall, saying that he will start with Catalina, that the application contains a variety of features such as dark mode and keyboard shortcuts, notifications and multi window etc.

Finally, Twitter says that by using Project Catalyst, and they’ll be able to use the database iOS their current, therefore features will be added to the desktop while maintaining the efficiency of maintenance and continuity in improvement.

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