Twitter war on Twitter automatic and more



A powerful blow to the new announced by Twitter on bots and uses abusive of the interface code that was being exploited negatively so is posting the same content from hundreds of accounts as well as interactions such as a comment, re-tweet or admiration, where would Twitter all of this.

This means that any scripts or tools for doing beauty such as posting the same tweets across hundreds or thousands of accounts, or interactions such fake up accounts in bulk as well as re-tweet or like the tweet, etc., all this must be stopped in accordance with the procedures to the new Twitter.

But at the same time there are accounts of the post content automatically, such as weather condition or the content of blogs and links to the RSS and others will work provided that you publish on only one account.

This includes the prevention of Twitter to publish tweets matched even in the case scheduled for the future growth of which is not required to be publishing the same moment on all accounts associated with auto-publishing.

And twitter may remove more than 220 thousand application is linked to by violates the terms of use of its new and was responsible for the deployment of 2.2 million tweets spamming.

And ignore the Twitter developers of scripts and tools until 23 March to make the changes necessary to comply with the terms of the new Twitter so you don’t get the product.

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