Twitter to start displaying ads in the video

تويتر تبدأ بعرض الإعلانات في الفيديو

Revealed network Twitter that it will start to display ads different in the videos that are posted on the network in 12 different countries including Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Will the ads show to users in the introduction of the video clips are similar ads youtube removable and adjustable, so that the Declaration of the Twitter will appear in the videos that carry similar content or relative to advertising content.

And twitter Inc. through this to raise the level of declarations and types on the network, where it hopes to achieve greater revenue from those ads especially and they were able to achieve a profit for the first time in the first quarter of the year after long years, therefore it makes sense to drive on the approach to video ads to increase income.

Recall that the company was suffering from the growth of users on the network and the consecutive losses, but the return of its founder jack Dorsey for the Office of the Executive Director of the network began to check the numbers finally.


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