Twitter: the attacks of the recent warming linked to the application of third-party

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تويتر: هجمات الاحتيال الأخيرة مرتبطة بتطبيق جهة خارجية

Threw Twitter in the application of the third-party is not named as a party responsible for a series of attacks last Service relating to the digital currency encrypted, which hit the region in recent weeks, including accounts for signs of a key business, where they entered the social platform throughout the year in a losing battle against the accounts managed by bots chat Bible free of the internet who disagree account opened, verified and used to steal the digital currency encrypted from the users who are looking for a quick profit.

Although the problem still exist until now, however, their frequency has escalated in recent weeks, as you know the accounts continued for four trademarks of big attacks resulted in the theft of the work of the digital coded value of thousands of dollars, and target the crooks first official account of Marx British fashion Matalan and the official discourse of the company Pathé, the second oldest company of cinema in the world and the second largest studio in Europe.

As well as consumption of crooks the official account of the giant retail American Target and the official account for the G Suite is a commercial subsidiary of Google, where they use these accounts to tweet about the scam operations related to gift digital currency encrypted, were promoting this Twitter via the product using the system for paid advertising.

And as a result the theft of more than 185 thousand dollars on the form of encrypted digital such as Bitcoin Bitcoin seem Ethereum Twitter users, claimed Twitter after a short time of penetrating the Target that they had implemented some security measures aimed at preventing the recurrence of such attacks, which has always been home, but I didn’t spend more than an hour until the account was hacked G Suite of Google.

Considered the company’s Target audience by having access to the official Twitter account of its own improperly, but she blamed afterwards on the application of the third-party is permitted to post content on behalf of Target, and talk Twitter now about the same thing, they blame it on the application to non-designated third-party as a back door that use hackers posting tweets that promote scams digital currency encrypted.

The organization stressed that the application is the application of marketing third-party has been kidnapped and its use in promotion of the combustion processes, and often used brands of the main programs, applications or platforms marketing third-party to assist in its marketing efforts to better reach its target audiences and allow to schedule posts and get metrics to track the best of that are offered usually from platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

The gate Arab News Technical Twitter: the attacks of the recent warming linked to the application of the third-party

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