Twitter stopped about 10 million try to register accounts fake weekly

تويتر توقف نحو 10 ملايين محاولة تسجيل لحسابات وهمية أسبوعياً

Fake accounts and logins, increase followers, becoming free commercially, but in spite of it being useful to them unless they are harmful to companies, especially talking about the Twitter network and the environment of use.

This make the network to address a very large number of fake accounts to protect itself and its users, and already detects several ways to fight it, but on the other side it has revealed the large numbers encountered during the financial period.

Andthe company said that during the month of May 2018, has awarded more than 9.9 million recorded weekly on the web disclose it through its tools and the established order, which is more than 3 times the number who stopped him in September of 2017 is estimated at 3.2 million. She explained that she had to turn around 214% in 2018 of the offending accounts and the Phantom compared with the number in the previous year.

As revealed from the decline in the number of complaints against the fake accounts and the violation of 20,000 accounts per day in March 2018, to about 17,000 in May, which means the success of the company in its new policy to some extent.

And the police package in dealing with third-party applications, so she had to stop more than 142,000 application during the first quarter of 2018 and for contraventions of the policy network, these applications mostly are Services visit the museums or the thinking and activity is not real, so that these applications also was responsible for around 130 million tweets a fake and at the same period, the company said that most of the applications were stopped during the first week of registration, and that some have been stopped after only one hour!


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