Twitter set to launch its application for Mac running macOS Catalina

System has been launched macOS Catalina for all users earlier this week, and developers began to transfer apps to iPad to Mac service Mac Catalys, and join Twitter to the club, re-launch of its application for Mac.

Missed the Twitter application for the launch of macOS Catalina last week, but the app has now begun to emerge via the App Store, and should be familiar to anyone using a Twitter application on the iPad, and it features one extremely similar, with some additional features for your convenience of use on Mac devices.

There is also support for Night Mode, which means that the Twitter application will automatically turn to the situation tonight take based on the operating system settings.

Was Twitter a dedicated application for the Mac for several years, but the company pulled it from the App Store in the past year and bring users towards the web instead.

Source: Twitter For Mac

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