Twitter says that the tools to detect the offending content was subjected to 38% of the abusive tweets

تويتر تقول أن أدواتها لكشف المحتوى المخالف تعرفت على 38% من التغريدات المسيئة

Work Twitter seriously to restrict and prevent the offending content and harmful to make usage environment safer, and does not pass the period until the moving company on the findings concerning this matter. So that the tools developed to detect the offending content is doing its job to the fullest, as they have to stop more accounts compared with last year.

Wrote to Donald Hey Max, vice president of Twitter, on the company blog that the tools developed by the company for the irregularities identified 38% of the amount of abusive tweets which are set by the company during the financial period. But the company didn’t know about the number of abusive tweets or accounts the offense in general, while he said that there are 100,000 user has been banned from the area from January to March 2019 after they create new accounts due to the Prohibition of the first accounts, which represents a 45% increase from last year.

Dissemination of hai forex to the same technique to identify the offending tweets is used to identify the offending content, delusion and peace, but that technology is still in its beginning the company is working on its development with time to be more effective compared to the current situation.

Besides the abusive tweets, Twitter received increased by about 2.5 times more than communications from tweets that protect personal or private information since the launch of the option to inform users about the tweets containing this type of content to the beginning of the year, to prevent some of the exploitation that information to slander others.

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