Twitter reveals new ways to increase user protection and fight the fake accounts

تويتر تكشف عن طرق جديدة لزيادة حماية المستخدم ومحاربة الحسابات الوهمية

Come network Twitter in the level of participation of fake accounts, but she recently appeared more assertive towards those accounts and the content of the illusion on the network which reduced them significantly but it didn’t eliminate the problem once and for all, which is what made her reveal the new ways will them to fight those accounts, as well as increase the protection of users.

And company about the 4 new routes will be using for those accounts. Centered the first way to reduce the appearance of the accounts is questionable and updated through real-time only after it is reviewed, so that in case there have been accounts of non-reliable or accounts and increase followers, etc., it will not show any increase in the number of followers the user directly will be the adoption of the follow-up except in the case of audit and ensure of being reliable and true, which would be towards tweets when you visit re-tweet or admiration, which is what will make the company after you place the account under the partial ban and make it “read only” before to make sure of it.

The second way was by forcing new accounts to the registry by e-mail or phone number and confirmation in a compulsory manner, which will make it difficult for the owners of the fake accounts to increase accounts, but at the same time it will be touching a bit on the ordinary users who want to maintain their privacy, which I talked about Twitter to help preserve user privacy and cooperation with the organizations privacy competent similar.

Speaking of the second step, they look serious, not in the face of fake accounts new but in the old accounts, where it is reviewed and old accounts and accounts that the following fake through such services as increasing numbers of traders, which means that all the doubtful accounts will be deleted, which would reduce the numbers of followers greatly have the owners of large numbers and registration processes the new entry follow up on some large accounts automatically through the suggestions of Twitter and then do it later, this step is fail about 50,000 registration process to calculate the imaginary day on the network.

With regard to the fourth step, it aims to fight delusional thinking and doubtful of the different accounts, where we see many accounts you tweet to the same user constantly or engaged on a specific hashtag to the content of the various continuously, this command will force users to confirm the authenticity of the account using a property assertion “reCAPTCHA”, and in case it persists, the youth will ask him to change the password in case of doubt, in the case did not agree with the options it will stop the account.

For his part, said the Twitter that he has provided a number of options to raise the protection of the user, where the user can enable two-step verification or application of different control, or using code unique U2F for login. I also asked Twitter users to review third-party apps that gave them the confidence to use the accounts to make sure they are working properly.


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