Twitter raised for the first time since 2013

تويتر تربح للمرة الاولى منذ 2013
Twitter raised for the first time since 2013

Declared the micro-blogging platform Twitter yesterday about achieving the first four chapter since 2013, a year that turned the company into a public company and thus we have since this date disclosing financial results once every 3 months.

Achieved Twitter $ 91 million net profit for the first time in the last 3 months, after a series of losses other was $ 21 million in the preceding financial report directly.

Despite this, I didn’t change the size of the Twitter users in the past quarter, and continued at 330 million users monthly.

Jack Dorsey the CEO of the company left a note at the end of the police report confirming that the height limit of characters in tweets of 140 to 280 characters, he encouraged everyone to increase participation, and change the style posts for long messages in general.

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