Twitter provides the opportunity for general users to test the feature responses of the new

تويتر تتيح الفرصة لعموم المستخدمين لاختبار ميزة الردود الجديدة

As we mentioned in our Reports over the past few months, working Twitter to develop a way to new replies increase interaction on the network which is in the form of its general closer to the way the responses to the publications in the Facebook, but of course with variations to suit the network environment, and as usual the police say a lot of tests before the official launch of the water to avoid any problems.

But now it is few times, he has opened a Twitter board for general users to download in order to choose advantage of new replies, where the company was placed – this link – which contains simple questions about the use of the app and the device used by the user after the answer is the inclusion of his name in the list wishing to test the water, the company will, after the days of choosing a group of them to test before the official launch.

A good chance for users who would like to experience the water anticipated by the other, of course, but at the same time the chance of Twitter to assess the readiness of water for ordinary users before launching the full.

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