Twitter pays with Lights out support AMOLED screens balthy dark

After the launch of the Choose night mode on the Twitter application, the company offers a new feature Lights out for app users on the iOS platform, where it is planned to support the users Bethel dark black corresponds to the AMOLED screens.

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Started Company Twitter in the expansion of the application of the theme The Dark on the iOS platform with a choice of a new added to default skin dark automatic which is known as Lights Out, Where comes this choice to be correct the dimming interface of the application with black immersive.

Can enable the new feature through privacy settings in the Twitter application, and then the user can monitor settings and audio, including to a Dark Mode which I knew from Twitter in the previous style night or a Night mode.

Recall that the pattern of Dark Mode automatic the user provides Thea in blue or grey which was presented for the first time in 2016, this theme support users experience convenient to work when using the Twitter application in low light, while the style of Lights Out to wake the user Theo dark or black is immersive, to make the user better in low light with a clear display, as it works on battery saving also.

It is planned that the update is now available twitter new with the feature of Lights Out on the iOS platform to all users, while the update comes with the feature of Lights Out to the app users on the platform landed later.


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