Twitter on new video content for the Middle East

تويتر تتعاقد على محتوى فيديو جديد لمنطقة الشرق الاوسط
Twitter on new video content for the Middle East

Twitter on new video content for the Middle East

Announced the micro-blogging platform Twitter announced the signing of more than 16 come in video content for sports and entertainment are the Middle East and North Africa .

Included ads that were presented at a Twitter event in the city of Dubai of the UAE, included the new partnerships and expansions to the page with the current content.

Among the new deals, the new deals with MBC Group, which will consist of the most important events, and behind-the-scenes, shows, programs including The Voice, and Arab Idol, Arab Got Talent, and Top Chef.

Also was the announcement of the partnership with Dubai TV will bring the programs of Ramadan to the fans speaking in Arabic on Twitter in addition to other business such as Carpool Karaoke Arabia Season 2 and The Insider Arabia Season 2 and Mashaheer Season 14, Fashion Star Season 4 and many more.

In sports, including coordination of the new professional football club Ahly Union Saudi football, and that will be behind the scenes with the opportunities, training courses, team travel, interviews, and teachers archives of the group.

Twitter and the Middle East

According to Twitter research conducted by marketing companies to work for, the majority of Twitter users – 72% in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and 62% in Egypt – they think Twitter is one of the major sources for video content online.

The research revealed also that the entertainment, fashion and cooking and are among the best five of types of video content your favorite Twitter users in the Middle East and North Africa.

Finally, the most viewed videos on entertainment funny clips (47%), highlighting the performances of television programs (29%), and interviews with celebrities (26%), the highlighted clips of the TV series (of 24%).

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