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تويتر قد تبقي على تغريدات عامة تتنتهك سياستها وتظهرها بعلامة خاصة

In the system of MG did not follow his company Twitter handle tweets the infringing use policy on its platform and ban them periodically and do not show their content to the public once again, where they are, of course, violence, hatred, etc. of violations-driven organization, the company is considering a plan that would keep some of those tweets within the terms of certain exceptional with providing them with a special sign clearly alerts the user to the nature of the violation that is contained in this tweet motivated to serve the public interest.

Where came the prospect of the implementation of the logic for this step is on the lips of the director of the Department of law and trust in the Twitter Vijaya serious in an interview with the Washington Post, where she said that the show tweets like this under relationship or allow a certain you do to the user that they actually violate the policies of the organization in a Will the purpose of keeping it in exceptional cases.

Those product idea the more we can hit the example on the tweets issued from the Russian World, which may include a violation in some cases, climate policy is imperative prohibition; but with the new tag can be retained with alert the public to their offending and show the reason for the celebration, which will therefore Twitter newsletters that force in some cases on eating like this the offending content.

In noted serious that the investment in such cases will not be entertained and will be tweets that accounts for also in the case of exceeded limits and running threat to individuals, as indicated by the reduction product of the tweets contempt and the rights of human dignity, the right to change or show the notifications we had to click to see the Twitter content.

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