Twitter Lite is available in more than 45 countries

Twitter Lite تويتر

The company launched the Twitter version is diluted of its application “Twitter Lite” for Android users in April 2017 in line with the leadership of many companies to launch copies of diluted of its main applications to help them access to a larger number of users of various phones that they own.

The company has decided to deliver the fabric to the users in 24 countries last November, but they now announced to provide women in more than 45 countries around the world.

The company says that the app is available for users to store Google Play in 45 countries around the world, including Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan, and Turkey, along with a number of African States, Latin and Asian.

The Company this step to urge the Android users to enjoy the application without the need for a large space on their servers to install it as well without having to consume a lot of data when you use their Internet packages on their phones in a number of states, especially those working with networks of second and third generation, which is what makes the app up to a larger number of users and percentage of interaction time spent by each person on the network.

Can Android users download the app from here.

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