Twitter launches two training sessions on video advertising in Arabic

تويتر تطلق دورتين تدريبيتين حول إعلانات الفيديو باللغة العربية

Announced Twitter today announced the launch of a training course teaching in Arabic about the video today, the course aims to teach those interested in the field of e-marketing to understand the nature of solutions video ads across the network, beside the advantages offered by how to start them, as it will be followed by another state to this area.

According to Twitter, placed the first course “foundations of video ads on Twitter” what products video ads on the network, and how to help these types of advertising in achieving marketing goals. Next review the reasons for the fact that the video on the network is unique, and how to provide Twitter content safe for brands, as well as how to achieve the video on Twitter the arrival of growing for buyers of TV commercials.

The course will provide downloadable content from the stats and success stories about marketing video in the Middle East and North Africa, to support the process of media planning.

Include the first training session, the following elements:

  1. Video on Twitter: unique perspective which brings his audience Twitter to the region to understand how appropriate the network within the scope of the world video
  2. The video content available on Twitter: What distinguishes publisher of the video on Twitter brand integrity and transparency
  3. All using the “first show”: one of the advertising media that put the video promo for brands at the top of the timeline to Twitter for 24 hours
  4. Sponsorships and video ads during the broadcast: ads introductory allows advertisers to build a link to the brand by aligning their messages with premium content.
  5. Video ads promoter: the different ad formats and use cases appropriate for each of them
  6. Case studies, models and plans: examples from the real world of Shared Services Information

Commenting on this, says Bryden issue, the chairman of the section digital and innovation at the “Publicis Media” the Middle East and North Africa, which completed the first training course in English: “the state provides training on the basics of video advertising on Twitter, nice overview on the capabilities of one of the most popular and powerful in the Middle East region, as it managed to address such topics as the opportunity to take programs with original ideas and shapes affecting that focus on achieving the marketing goals of advertisers such as premiere (which puts promotional videos in the first publications of the timeline)And, most importantly today, they highlighted clearly about how to deal with brand safety for advertisers. The state is an effective way to understand the different methods that can be used by brands and agencies on the platform of Twitter to achieve the ambitions of the advertisers”.

The second session, it is scheduled to be launched in the coming period, will be titled “foundations of video advertising campaigns on Twitter” will include steps to help in the planning and implementation of video campaigns, as well as details about the preparation of campaigns and the measurement of results and reporting, in addition to troubleshoot and fix them and improve them.

It is worth mentioning that the first session is available for free in both Arabic and English via the link, and can be used across all devices, and can be completed in 30 minutes or less, will be a second session available in the coming months and will be announced when they are released.

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