Twitter launches feature Topics to become tweets according to your interest

Usually follow people on the Twitter accounts specializing in the areas of interest to show him Twitter. But these accounts have posted tweets public or personal, will also appear for you, so I came to Twitter in a better way to view tweets by your areas of interest.

Feature Topics allows you to follow topics of interest to suit you, and will show you tweets from all users who do not have them as long as comply with one of those concerns. There are initially over 300 of interest you can choose from will add more later.

Twitter began testing this feature in Android since last August, but this week will begin by providing globally for all users.

She needs Twitter to the accumulated experience in the field of machine learning and language understanding until you choose tweets and classified to the interest.

Police say they first say the algorithm by scanning the tweets in search of the key words given, and then look at Profile for Twitter to know if he usually tweets in this area and attention or not in order to give it a certain level of credibility, and finally consider the interaction rate on Twitter like admiration and re-tweet and reply on Twitter, the higher the interaction the more they show the tweets of a person more within the subject of interest.

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