Twitter launches a version of the test of their main application and named Twttr

تويتر تُطلق نسخة الاختبار من تطبيقها الرئيسي والمُسمى Twttr

The company launched the Twitter today a copy of the test for the rule to apply to the main Twitter, and the app name Twttr “the name of the old network of Twitter”, and thus all meet the company’s promises which was launched at the CES conference, held in January past, on the other hand, has been made available this app for the first group of users who volunteered to test more, therefore it will be able to experience new ideas outside of the network by the public, with comments by the testers, and the more the better.

His role also will focus the application of Twttr in the beginning to choose new designs for the talks, will be coordination of the different responses, where the fact that the conversations themselves form more closely to chat which is easy to follow, as well as hide the links and sharing options and details Twitter of the show in order to simplify the reading.

And other changes that will be tested, the presence of different types of responses are encoded by colors to the two replies received from the original publisher, as well as Twitter users who you follow, the aim of these changes is, first and foremost, to provide visual signals best for readers who read a long series of responses, or allow the publisher to clarify things or respond to individual tweets.

With the passage of time has used Twitter this app to test other changes to their main application, for example, tried the company’s ideas about the fields of the status update and the type of tweets called Ice Breakers as a tweet installed to encourage conversations, in regard to the request for this application, first the application is made on a programme of Prototype, let’s be honest that the difference is extremely small, where plans for Twitter at this stage to invite nearly 2,000 people only speak English and Japanese.

Finally, although non-adopting company to develop this widely, but it is of great importance, where always moving the company from making big changes to come, but it rarely happens the interaction of the large formal with the audience before you get to the stage of pilot testing, i.e. when they are almost ready, so can the application Twttr to the public more input in these changes and more concerned about what you think about Twitter.

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