Twitter is testing a way to interact with new tweets

I got a Twitter application demo, Twttr, the new update brings to the gestures of drag to deal with tweets, such as clouds on Twitter impressive or reply.

The purpose of the application Twttr is the possible selection of the follicle on the Twitter network to facilitate the launch of those nurses later in the application year. It is possible the current pilot a new way to view responses Button “Show More” designed to curb the responses abusive and disturbing.

The latest version of the app has concealed icons interact with the tweets by default, where you can drive to the left lies tweeted, use to the right show icons Apple including re-tweet and respond, which is what you think Twitter that he will increase the ease of understanding many of the interactions are friendly with Twitter.

When you drag an impressive showing red heart check you liked tweeted

Finally, there is no information about whether water will be available for public comment in the future, where it depends on the feedback the application of Twttr, either to test the water today, requires get the app.

Source: Tech Crunch

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