Twitter is not the only, company has achieved profit, the first after more than five years

أرباح تويتر

أرباح تويتر

Got the Twitter network to market social networks by 12 almost a year, and during its early years in attracting a large segment of users play at the adult level. But despite that, failed on the round of 12 a year in profits financial to Contracting its task is large relative to the size of the competition, and loss for a period of time in determining her true identity.

With the end of the fourth quarter of 2017, Twitter has announced for the first time about profit reached 91 million USD, the site of that long string of consecutive financial losses disappointed because she thought a lot of investors.

Twitter is not the only one in this, no it is not the only social network that have suffered the most before realizing the first profit, and the list is long and includes a very large group of companies technical the big.

Google and Amazon

Swing Google be in the list of largest tech companies in terms of value globally, they are always jostling with Apple for first place. But it wasn’t always like that, they are in spite of their access to investments worth US $ 125 million immediately established almost, but it suffered greatly during its early years.

Took Google almost six years even managed to achieve big numbers and profits to help them stay on the summit, in 2004, the year in which the shares in the stock market, the ads started to bear fruit, during the second half of 2003 and a net profit of 47 million USD, double the figure to $ 143 million in the first half of 2004, and this before entering the stock market, which took place in August of the same year.

Wasn’t Google the only one fighting in the world, the names large were present, including Yahoo and Microsoft, in addition to the Amazon that started in a garage ”Jeff bezos“ Jeff Bezos in 1994. With solutions 1996, sales reached the Amazon to the $ 16 million approximately US, then to $ 148 million in the year that followed.

Numbers as the previous wasn’t enough to prevent it from loss, not even its sales, which amounted to us $ 1.6 billion in 1999, a year which also are the losses amounted to 719 million dollars. With the internet bubble burst with the onset of the new millennium, some thought that the days of the ”bezos“ and his company is nearing completion, to start with his steps to fix the march through the demobilization of a large group of employees to reduce costs, which resulted in 2003, the year that revealed the Amazon for a fiscal first quarter net profit of Mali, and this after nine years since its inception.

The company did not continue on the same path all the time, they are back to record losses in certain quarters of the financial, earnings in the quarters of the other financial. But she generally succeeded in bypassing all the record in the last quarter of 2017 net profit reached 1.9 billion USD.

Facebook and Tesla

I need a ”Mark Zuckerberg“ to five years to achieve its first profit network social, which was founded in February 2004, to introduce for the first positive income in the last quarter of 2009 with the arrival of a number of its users in time to 300 million users, this is also thanks to the new declaration system, which began launching, companies have become able to place ads that pay the user to deal with it as a product or answer a question by choosing one of the answers.

It should be noted here that Facebook got its first investment since its launch in 2004 after a huge ”Peter Thiel“ Peter Thiel, cofounder of PayPal PayPal, an amount of $ 500 million USD.

Despite the large profits disclosed by Facebook in the last quarter of 2017, which exceeded the barrier of 4 million USD, only one application of its subsidiary, such as ”watts August“, for example, is still without a model-profit is clear, to begin with it was via subscription in the amount of USD paid one time after the expiration of the first year, which is a model offering proceeds of $ 300 million USD only. In the absence of announcements, fiscal revenue is almost non-existent except for some agreements with ISPs communication here and there, without forgetting the possibility of providing exclusive tools to businesses across the application, ”watts August the company“ WhatsApp For Business.

Continuing with the technical area away from the world of apps, showing the company ”tis“ developed for electric cars as a model of a different, a company that was founded in 2003, which invested in ”Elon musk“ (Elon Musk) in 2004.

The company received a loan totaling $ 465 million Energy Agency of America in 2009, but that did not stop her from the constant loss until 2013, after a decade since its founding investigator of the net income of the rest of the US $ 11 million approx, the swing between profit and loss to be able to prove itself as one of the major companies that are reliable.

List of companies technical the big delay in the achievement of profit is very long, but it gives a broad idea about the necessity of waiting a long time to begin to realize the proceeds of the material will help the company to continue investment and self, thus achieving a growth in the tax obligations provided by the state to raise the local economy as much as possible. As to the previous model is not on the global level only, the company Zain, for example, announced in 2017 to achieve the first net profit $ 3.2 billion USD, and this is after almost ten years since its inception.

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