Twitter feel the competition between Android and iPhone

Twitter announced recently on the property to re-ignite the war between iPhone users and Android, after the popular social media site to show the product used by anyone who is writing tweets New, whether it’s via a website on a personal computer, or via the app with Android and iOS in addition to any external applications.

I got the property on the reaction were mixed, with some felt happy for more information about the tweets of any user, but many argue that it is not useful to work on the competitive comeback among fans of Android and iOS.

No longer this property is new, as previously presented in 2012, which was abandoned later to unify users across devices and focus on the experience of reading the tweets to make them better, before the arrival of the number of Twitter users to 330 million people, where it came property of the detected product that is used to browse the site for knowing which users are not using the official Twitter application and going through the third-party services, which reduces access site ads to them, which reduces profits, so when the official app is missing a lot of the advantages that it currently enjoys, the Decoding the ads are targeted towards users who use external services.

After the return of the property to disclose the product used to enter the Twitter, I felt a lot of Android users that they may “explore” not having an iPhone.

As we see here, despite all the provided by Samsung, Huawei or even Shawty up recently in the world of Android phones, still many people see that the iPhone is the symbol of the highest level of Social, what led to the return of competitive spirit between both types of phones on Twitter, as it became easy to note any account that the phone uses the wrong, such as the leadership team Apple TV Music tweeted from Android phone and account band Korea holds to take care of the LG tweeted from the iPhone.

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