Twitter faces investigation on the background of the collected data from the novel by shortcut

تويتر تواجه تحقيقات على خلفية جمع بيانات من روابطها المختصرة

It seems that there are other ways to Twitter for all of the information of the users away from the existing personal data in the accounts, where lawmakers in Ireland began investigations with the police about the data collected from the system test links have

Since Twitter offers a system to shorten the links on the network and to facilitate its offer and taking the lower volume as well as Fight content spam, they can get the important information about the stats of the participating sites, which will benefit the company in the sale of its advertisers or the like. Which is contrary to the law of protection and privacy the new approach of the European Union.

And began to cut open the investigation after the request of Professor British of Twitter for information on data selection system of the links, but the company said at the time, they don’t store any data from the system, which is paying the professor to make a note for the Irish than the wheel to investigate it to see whether Twitter stores data for use.

In the case of showing any breakthrough of Twitter about it, the big penalties will be waiting for the police.

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