Twitter do the owners of the offending tweets publicly

Expect Twitter to put public pressure on users to urge them to delete the offending tweets and abide by the terms of service by announcing Wednesday that it will appear to users generally abusive tweets.

Came in the announcement that Twitter decide which tweets violating the terms of service will appear to users generally like the trunk of a gray with a message “Twitter is no longer available because it infringed on the rules of Twitter” with a link that directs the user to the Twitter Rules.

The message will appear in the link Twitter the original and the personal qualities of users throughout the 14 days of deleting the user to tweet abusive.

Twitter seems to be decide whether to tweet abusive or not yet reported. For the assessor report will not fund carries the message “we have to report this tweet” place for Twitter original.

Says a spokesperson from Twitter that the new policy is part of efforts to Twitter to clarify when and how to implement its rules for users; the requirement of the Twitter user deleted tweets he abusive before you can tweet again also makes the violation of the rules of the company more visible to the user before.

Source: Twitter

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